Bringing Consciousness back to Psychiatry

The Rooted Awakening 

an online membership

Awaken to your true self in a community inspired by the principles of regenerative agriculture and reforestation. 

Awakening Together

The Rooted Awakening is more than a membership program—it's a journey of self-discovery and collective growth. Awakening to new truths can be challenging, but within a supportive community, it becomes a nourishing and enriching experience. 


Symbiotic Relationships: Thriving Together

Just as nature's ecosystems rely on symbiotic relationships, our community thrives on mutual support and shared growth. Here, members from diverse backgrounds come together, forming connections that mirror the natural harmony found in the wild.

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Unearth a World of Transformation: Just Beneath the Soul

Nutrient Cycling: Enriching Our Collective Wisdom

In nature, organisms break down organic matter, releasing nutrients that fuel growth. Similarly, our community thrives on the exchange of experiences and insights. By sharing knowledge, we enrich each other’s lives and foster personal and collective transformation.


Soil Structure: Building Strong Foundations

In nature, fungi and bacteria enhance soil structure, promoting plant growth. In our community, each member strengthens the foundation of our sanctuary. By building connections and relationships, we create a supportive environment where growth and resilience can flourish.


Protection from Dis-ease: Cultivating Positivity 

Certain soil microbes protect plants from pathogens. Within our sanctuary, we cultivate support and positivity, creating a protective barrier against negativity. This environment fosters mental and emotional well-being, empowering all members.


Nitrogen Fixation: Encouraging Self-Reliance

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria enrich soil, reducing the need for external inputs. Similarly, our community promotes self-reliance and inner growth. We provide tools and resources that empower members to thrive independently, fostering resilience and strength.


Plant Growth Promotion: Empowering Personal Growth

Soil microbes stimulate plant growth. Within our sanctuary, we empower individuals to cultivate their own development. Through support and guidance, we create an environment where each member can reach their full potential.

The Rooted Awakening is more than just another online membership program promising personal growth and development.

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Begin Your Transformation Now

Building a Strong Foundation


Just as you need to build up the soil before the roots of your plants can take hold, the foundational Soul Composting Program is required before moving on to the Rooted Awakening Membership Program. This ensures that we all share the same foundational understanding and know how to bring our own inner healer on board and trust ourselves. Having this shared knowledge allows us to communicate effectively and support one another.

However, you don't have to get this foundation from me. Below is a list of colleagues who offer similar lifestyle medicine programs.

 What you get in The Rooted Awakening Membership Program:


🌼 One 30-minute 1:1 session with Veronica each month: Personalized guidance and support tailored to your journey.

🌼 Weekly group calls: Engage in small group discussions with no more than 12 participants for deeper connections and support.

🌼 Deprescribing Services and Tapering Support: For individuals currently on psychiatric medications who wish to safely taper off under the guidance of a licensed prescriber. We utilize personalized taper methods such as the Ashton Method or the Hyperbolic Taper Method and can send prescriptions to a compounding pharmacy if necessary.

🌼 Concierge Service: Gain access to Veronica's calendar for urgent concerns between appointments. This service is billed in 15-minute increments at $360 per hour.

🌼 Access to a comprehensive library of resources: A wealth of materials to aid your growth and learning.

🌼 Monthly book club: Enrich your knowledge and our group discussions with curated book selections.

🌼 Membership in an incredible community: Join a group of supportive, like-minded individuals on a transformative journey.

🌼 Access to The Collective: Join a group of supportive, like-minded individuals on a transformative journey. Enjoy free access to The Collective in the Conscious Psych community, designed to support your continued growth and well-being.

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All this for just $300/month (price will increase to $500/month soon).

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Community + Nature  


In the wild, there is both beauty and danger, and facing these fears can be daunting. Together, as one tribe, we find strength in numbers, moving through fear and uncertainty toward healing and life. 


Many of our members are navigating the challenging journey of tapering psychiatric drugs, often accompanied by fear and past traumas. In The Rooted Awakening, we invite you to confront these fears together, fostering a supportive environment where you can move beyond anger and toward profound healing and transformation. 


By embracing the natural world’s wisdom, we foster personal and collective growth, unearthing the power within to cultivate a sanctuary where the soul can flourish. 


Join us and become part of a community where awakening to new truths is a shared and nourishing journey.

Your Guide, Veronica Johnson, PMHNP-BC, FNP-C

Veronica is a holistic psychiatric and family nurse practitioner, and at the forefront of the consciousness revolution. She is dedicated to doing her part to advancing consciousness on the planet through guiding individuals away from reliance on prescription drugs and addictive substances with a modality that she calls Soul Composting. Licensed in both family medicine and psychiatry, she has worked with leaders in the industry for addictions and psychological trauma. She completed her psychiatric training at Vanderbilt University, as well as an 18 month holistic psychiatry fellowship, and was part of the original cohort of Kelly Brogan’s Vital Mind Reset coaching certification training. Her comprehensive model emphasizes spiritual connection, inviting us all to join a movement focused on transforming our approach to mental well-being, achieving freedom, and living a life of fulfillment.

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