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Awakening to the Reality of the Mental Health System

The Red Pill Mini Course

Are you feeling lost in the labyrinth of contradictory information about mental health on the internet? You're on a quest for help and healing, but the path seems obscured.

Have you ever found yourself handed a prescription for psychiatric medications or labeled with a diagnosis that just didn't seem to fit, yet your voice fell on deaf ears?

If any of this sounds familiar, then this mini-course is for you. Your story resonates with many who've faced similar struggles within the mental health system, where being heard can be a daunting challenge.

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Would your psychiatrist swallow the pills they prescribe?


My name is Veronica Johnson, and for nearly three decades, I've dedicated my career to the healthcare industry, and during this time, I've witnessed a concerning trend of misinformation. We've been led to believe that the path to health relies solely on drugs and medical procedures, yet it's become evident that our healthcare system itself can contribute to our ailments.


As a nurse working in hospitals, I often found myself questioning the prevailing treatment approaches. I vividly recall conversations with cardiologists, advocating for alternative treatments for heart failure patients. Despite my rapport with the medical team, they consistently steered me towards what was considered the "gold standard" at the time – a staggering thirteen medications! 


Over time, this raised questions about our healthcare protocols. I felt like I was merely following orders, administering medication on schedule, without addressing the root causes of illness. This prompted me to further my education, becoming a nurse practitioner to gain more control over patients' journeys toward health and healing.


As a nurse practitioner, my exploration led me deeper into the complexities of the healthcare system. I began to recognize that even the very governmental agencies meant to safeguard our well-being were, in some instances, contributing to corruption within the system.


And if you think the issues are limited to the medical field, consider the state of the mental health system—a realm seemingly governed by chaos. Here, diagnoses are made without a solid scientific basis, and individuals are prescribed medications that carry severe risks, including metabolic, neurological, and cardiac complications—essentially leading to multi-system organ failure or, tragically, even death. It's disheartening that many suicides occur due to psychiatric medication side effects or withdrawals, yet these alarming statistics often go unreported.


I'm dedicated to shedding light on these critical issues within healthcare and mental health. My mission is to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to make informed decisions about your health and well-being. Join me in advocating for a more transparent, patient-centered approach to healthcare. 


Let's take the Red Pill together and awaken to a new era of well-being.

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A Daughter's Promise: Unveiling the Human Side of Healthcare


The driving force behind my unwavering commitment to transforming healthcare stems from deeply personal experiences – the heart-wrenching stories of my parents.


My mother, at the young age of 46, succumbed to end-stage renal disease, a devastating consequence of consuming soma compound daily for two decades. Her life had been a relentless battle with prescription medications, a cycle of doctor-hopping, and persistent hallucinations that I now believe were withdrawal symptoms from the drugs she desperately sought. Tragically, she was repeatedly labeled as "drug-seeking" and stigmatized as a "frequent flyer" when she sought help in the emergency room. She was, in essence, gaslit by the very institution that had ensnared her in a web of addiction.


Then, at 61, my father's life was tragically cut short by hypoxemia, his breath stolen away as he slept, thanks to the high doses of oxycontin prescribed by his doctors. As an alcoholic, his history of addiction seemed to go unnoticed or unexplored before he was entrusted with one of the most addictive drugs known. It later emerged that during this time, pharmaceutical companies faced legal action for enticing doctors with lavish vacations and incentives to promote their opiates while downplaying the risks of addiction.


Reflecting on these painful experiences, I can't help but wonder: What if someone like me had been there to advocate for them during their struggles with the healthcare system? Could they, or a compassionate advocate, have guided them toward meditation instead of medication, ultimately saving their lives from the tangled web that ensnared them?


These personal losses propel me forward in my mission to champion a more transparent, patient-centered healthcare system. I am dedicated to ensuring that no one else has to endure the suffering my parents faced due to the shortcomings and pitfalls of our healthcare system. Join me in this journey to make meaningful change and prevent others from falling victim to a system that should provide care, not create casualties.

Take the Red Pill

We all have options.


You could take the blue pill. And stay in the current healthcare system and  continue to endure:


— Fragmented Care: The old healthcare system tends to provide fragmented care. Patients often see multiple specialists who may not communicate effectively with each other, leading to disjointed treatment plans and potential gaps in care.


— Reactive Rather Than Preventive Care: Traditional healthcare has often been more reactive, focusing on treating illnesses and symptoms after they occur rather than emphasizing preventive measures, and ignoring the root causes of dis-ease. This approach can lead to higher healthcare costs and a lower quality of life for patients.


— Overreliance on Medications: The old system has prioritized medications as the primary solution, often leading to the overprescribing of drugs and neglecting holistic approaches that address the root causes of health issues.


— Lack of Patient-Centered Care: Traditional healthcare can be physician-centered rather than patient-centered, meaning that patients may not have a significant say in their treatment plans or feel heard and respected in their healthcare decisions.


— Limited Transparency: Lack of transparency in diagnoses and treatment regimens can lead to patient frustration and uncertainty about the true plan of care and effectiveness of their treatments.

 Why this is the only pill I will ever ask you to take. 

As a nurse practitioner, I've been granted the privilege of empowering individuals to liberate themselves from psychiatric medications that often prove unwarranted. I've observed that many of the so-called 'diagnoses' my patients receive have underlying explanations, such as addictions, substance use, or trauma triggers.

It's not uncommon for patients to seek my guidance while grappling with memory loss or speech difficulties, the unfortunate side effects of being overmedicated. In these instances, I've embarked on a gradual journey with them, guiding them through a process of safely weaning off the drugs responsible for these distressing withdrawal and side effects.

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Since  I witnessed my own mother — and her health being a product of the medical world — decline over the course of 5-6 years while simultaneously experiencing my incline. Incline into womanhood, I am deeply touched by this endeavor (to wake people up to the current system). My mother was amazing. Full to the brim with light.  And her opioids took her down.  Dead at 59. As I approach that age I wish often she had been offered an optional path. It was heartbreaking to watch her walk down, down, down as I became a mother. Honestly traumatizing since there was that earthly connection and initiation. When she died - the trauma was like a spiritual umbilical cord being cut. I will never forget feeling betrayed because I knew she had been betrayed. I took her to all her last appointments. I saw the “care”.  I can’t forget it.

-Tina B., North Carolina


What You'll Get: 

Module 1: The DSM and Medical Training

Module 2: A Brief Intro into Psychopharmacology

Module 3: It's Not Relapse

Module 4: Why We Need a Revolution

Epilogue: An Invitation to Step into Your Future Self

Plus a downloadable presentation to follow along with 

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Change. From the Inside Out.


Watch The Red Pill: Awakening to the Reality of the Mental Health System now, and begin your journey of untangling the programming of our current healthcare system, and embark on a journey. A journey that begins the moment you enroll in this transformative mini-course. It's not just a course; it's a pivotal chapter in the story of your life, and the time to start writing that chapter is now.

But the most significant transformation happens within you. You shed the weight of doubt and insecurity, stepping into a life that's truly your own—a life where you're the author of your story, the captain of your ship. The mental health sovereignty you've longed for becomes a reality, and with it comes a profound sense of freedom.

The time for change is now. Enroll in this mini-course and become the architect of your personal growth and transformation. The positive changes you make today will ripple through every aspect of your life, unlocking a future filled with resilience, well-being, and boundless possibilities.

It's not just a course; it's the beginning of your journey towards a brighter, more empowered tomorrow.

Take the Red Pill

The World Needs YOU


By taking this course, you're not just embarking on a journey of self-discovery; you're becoming part of a movement—one that seeks to reclaim our understanding of mental health, shatter outdated narratives, and embrace growth. We're here to do our part in the consciousness revolution and help you learn how to reclaim your own mind, body, and spirit from the influences of societal programming and big Pharma.


We care because we believe in your potential for a life filled with freedom and fulfillment. Your journey is our journey, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.


Join us, and together, we'll transform lives, shift paradigms, and create a brighter, more conscious future—one where mental health is understood, growth is embraced, and sovereignty is celebrated.