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Conscious Psych - Individual Psychiatry Sessions Package Terms and Conditions

1.  Overview

An initial 1.5 hour initial evaluation is required for all individual sessions with Veronica Johnson. The link for follow up sessions will be provided at the initial 1.5 hour session. Dates and times will be determined by the participant self scheduling in Veronica’s scheduling app and choosing from available time slots ahead of time.

2. Payment Terms

The total cost for participation in the individual package is $1500. Payment is required before scheduling a session. Payment options include a one-time payment or a 3 month payment plan for $500 a month. 

3. Package Inclusions

This package includes the entire Vital Mind Reset 44 day program and 6 additional weeks of integration. You will start with a 90 minute initial psychiatric evaluation and then a 30 minute bi-weekly follow up call for the duration of the program. The date and times for the follow up calls will be scheduled during the initial psychiatric evaluation and will be decided upon between you and Veronica during this first call. They will, however be scheduled on the same day of the week and at the same time of day for consistency.

This package also includes: access to Veronica's calendar for additional support if needed between sessions. This link will be provided during the initial psychiatric evaluation, the sessions will be in 15 minute blocks, and billed at an additional investment of $90/session.

4. Participation Requirements

Participants are expected to attend zoom calls that they self schedule with Veronica on her scheduling platform, and participate to the extent that feels personally appropriate. If you miss your allotted appointment time, a refund or credit will not be issued. By self scheduling and paying up front, you are committing to the time and date that you select. See #8 below for more information on cancellations. 

5. Suitability

This package is designed for individuals seeking an alternative path to treating their mental health, support in tapering off of psychotropic medications, and those committed to exploring their inner selves. It is not suitable for individuals currently content with their psychiatric treatment, or those not open to reconsidering their current treatment approaches. It is not suitable for persons looking for a “magic pill”, or those who subscribe to the mind sets of “a pill for every ill” or “better living through chemistry (or pharmaceuticals)”.

6. Exclusions                                                

Deprescribing is a long term commitment and cannot be completed in 90 days. However, we can come up with a long term plan if you are wanting to come off of your psychiatric drugs. There will also be the option for continued support through a paid membership at the end of the 90 day program.

7. Testimonials

Testimonials provided by previous participants are for informational purposes only and do not guarantee similar results for all participants.

8. Cancellations and Transfers

Conscious Psych reserves the right to modify this package content or schedule. In the event of a cancellation by the participant, refunds or credits will be determined based on the timing of the cancellation notice. No credits will be made for appointments cancelled in less than 48 business hours prior to the allotted time selected by the participant. This program is not transferrable to another person after the initial psychiatric evaluation has been performed.

9. Liability and Disclaimer

While every effort is made to provide valuable and accurate guidance, Conscious Psych and Veronica Johnson are not liable for any personal outcomes or lack thereof. Participants are responsible for their own well-being and must acknowledge this.

10. Confidentiality

All personal information shared within this package will be kept confidential, and participants are expected to maintain confidentiality regarding other participants' shared experiences. This pertains to all group and individual programs and packages offered by Conscious Psych and Veronica Johnson. 

11. Acceptance of Terms

Registration and payment for this package implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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